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New General Manager for Health Trust

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For the last six months, James Scott's daily commute has averaged around 90 kilometres a day.

From April that'll be cut dramatically to a five-minute drive from his lifestyle block just past Mt Rex at the northern end of Helensville to Porter Crescent in the middle of the town.

James is taking over the General Manager role at the Helensville District Health Trust. He's swapping the world of a big multinational corporate and 32 direct reports, for the local non-profit with just four staff to manage.

But, that's not to say the job's going to be a walk in the park. He's keenly aware that one of his main tasks will be bringing to fruition the Helensville District Health Trust's goal of providing future-focused health facilities that meet the needs of the growing community, now and for the next 20 or 30 years.

James was elected a Community Trustee on the Health Trust in October 2018 so is well aware of the challenges ahead.

Last year the Trust chose to close its community centre, Te Whare Oranga ō Parakai and has spent the last six months or so focussed on important maintenance work such as removing asbestos and roof repairs on the Health Campus site on the corner of Porter Crescent and Commercial Road.

"From where we were, to where we are now, we're in a good position and are on the right side of what we want to achieve," says James Scott.

James says he really wants the community to be excited and invested in the Health Trust's plans to redevelop the Health Campus site: "Even though we've been here for over 25 years a lot of people still mistakenly think the Health Trust run the medical centre or we're part of the District Health Board, but in fact, we need everyone to appreciate how unique and privileged we are to have a locally owned organisation that's solely focussed on owning and creating facilities for the community's health needs."

Like many locals, James and his wife Sue have personally benefited from the Health Trust, having a postnatal stay at the Helensville Birthing Centre after the birth of their daughter, soon to be five-year-old, Elizabeth.

"The aftercare we received was awesome and what they manage to achieve there is just phenomenal; the community should rightly be very proud of this great asset."

Trust Chairperson, Rory MacGillycuddy says "since his election as a Community Trustee James has been a dedicated, passionate contributor and we're really excited about the continued impact he'll have on our activities in his new role as General Manager."

James starts his new role on 3 April.

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